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What Do You Think of Darkfall Unholy Wars New GUI

The newest Darkfall gold buy blog has showed the new GUI of Darkfall: Unholy Wars, and since then, many players are talking about the new GUI, mostly they think it is really awesome.

According to the official forum threads, the new GUI looks like such a huge improvement on the old one, many players would like to see the bank a bit more to see how every thing fits and layers in there but they said they trust it will be fine.

Also the last two videos have been very informative compared to the videos of old so keep it up AV. And moreover, the recent videos have been very good. Seems like AV feels bad about the launch date being pushed back and they are spoiling us with awesome vids.

In fact, personally, all I hope the primalist is included at launch, I think it sounds the most appealing to me. Maybe this vid was of an old build that did not have the primalist as a playable class. Come to think of it maybe thats the reason for the push back, they had to finish the last class off.

And we still have to actually play to see how functional it is. I actually liked the original drag and drop looting, but this makes more sense for new players. Saying the GUI is not worth the money is really short sighted. GUI is super important, especially for new players.

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