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What If Some Players Dont Like the PvP in New DFUW

It is obvious that nothing is perfect and nothing can be loved by all the people. The same is true for the Darkfall: Unholy Wars PvP. What I really wanna know is what will the developers do for the possible influx of carebears who dont want PvP in Darkfall.

We all know that there are so many people crying for safe zones, risk free crafting , risk free farming, impenetrable cities with no launching over walls, etc. Its pathetic. However, what about the players who don't like the PvP in darkfall gold hack?

In fact, there are many other MMOs for you to play where you will not get killed at all ever, and yet people seem to flock to this game and demand that they experience PvP only when they choose to and are 100% prepared for it.

For this issue, I saw a rely on the official forum saying that all the PvP will be outside of the cities. Which makes my considerations is unnecessary.

What's more, we should remember that when sheep don't get to craft at least moderately safely, they'll quit. Then we can just go find PvP out in the world. Am I right? What do you think?

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