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What is Up in SWTOR This Week

Before I ask you about this question, I think I should firstly concern about your first feelings about the F2P model in the game now. As Free to play starts, most of the discussion is about its pros and cons. However, definitely not all the topics are about this, there are still other things.

One of the players muses on her reactions to players playing each of the advanced classes, and her immediate for or against biases – “If nothing else I expect Guardian players to be well-intentioned, swtor power leveling however other than that I pretty much anticipate mediocrity."

Another gamer called Green Armadillo, he wrote two interesting posts on the F2P model–early observations and thoughts on why it's structured as it is - " What I'm guessing they were most afraid of was that introducing charges for stuff that was free earlier in the game would have an especially strong effect on players sticking around. "

There are some other argues that the F2P model needs to evolve, and some things that aren't just need to be free–"You're going to need more inventory space before you even leave the starter planet. It's just going to turn people off the game if they boot up the game, play for a few hours and they already find themselves needing to make a purchase"

What do you think then?

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