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What Keeps You Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic

More than once I've seen some players say how they hate Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), however, I do have fun in the game till now. Since there are also many players said that those who think SWTOR is fun have never played a real MMO, anyway, I've played so many MMOs and I really want to be fair to this game, because it does has something that other MMOs don't have.

Generally, what keeps me playing SWTOR is the endgame boss encounter design. I enjoy swtor credits fights with intelligence and awareness checks far. SWTOR also has levels of resource management and ability interaction that have long since disappeared from most other MMOs.

I don't know you but I am excited to start conversations with quest-givers in SWTOR. I never know what the NPC's are going to say, and the plot of each quest is unique and interesting, but at least I'm excited to learn about how I need to go kill them. The killing of the baddies is a separate matter entirely.

Besides, the bolstering system made it OK for me to dabble in Warzones before I'd traditionally be "ready" in other games. This was a refreshing change from games such as World of Warcraft, in which I was doomed to get smoked by twinkled characters below the level cap or destroyed by well-geared and experienced veterans in the level capped Battlegrounds.

Crafting in any MMO is never stellar, but at least SWTOR has a workable system that stays somewhat relevant as content progresses.

So that's why I always believe that basically SWTOR isn't failing, it's still young and suffering from jilted players. With a couple engine optimizations and server improvements the lag problems will go away, and the restricted F2P model will probably see them make a net gain in subscribers as people play the game to max level and want more than their allotted by F2P.

Here I listed all the things that keep me continue with SWTOR, all of these things are from my own experience and feeling. So, how about you? Are you done with buy swtor credits or have you enjoyed yourself in the game?

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