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What Will Be Contained in the SWTOR Update 1.4

Are you curious about what will be contained in the SWTOR update 1.4? Honestly, I am curious about that, not only because I am a big hardcore MMO player, but also I do care about the SWTOR. This is one of the greatest games for now and it is going to be free.

Anyway, let's get back to the title. Yes, the answer is that SWTOR update 1.4 will contain some new elements for players when it launches such as moods, the ability to teleport back from whence buy swtor credits you came after using Group Finder to complete a mission, and more.

According to the reports, when players leave the Flashpoint, they will be offered a teleport back to the location they were adventuring at – but it comes with a caveat: you will have to have killed at least one boss in that Flashpoint or hit a significant checkpoint.

What's more, the delayed binding will be addressed as well. Bind on Pickup and Bind on Legacy items will now have a 2 hour limit in which they can be exchanged, and if a loot item, players can freely give the item to any party member who was in on the kill and therefore eligible to loot the item. Also, if something is purchased from a commendation vendor, within 2 hours the item can be returned to any vendor with a full refund.

In additional to all those mentioned above, the Moods will also be implemented in update 1.4, so players can see you walk around with various facial expressions. Alarmed, cheery, and others will set the character's facial expression permanently.

In fact, companion customization improvements are also in the way, which will allow color changes and the ability to hide helmets on companion toons.

I know you'll like all these changes in the game of update 1.4 like I do.

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