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What you will see while exploring the world of darkfall online

The first thing that hits you in Darkfall are all little things. The menus are rare, the objects are unpolished and has icons that are derived from a different era, the animations are choppy and unrealistic, and the graphical environment is full of straight lines and sharp corners.
The next thing you notice is the strange maps, with very few named people and places, which in addition are difficult to find. Next subtle is the constant switching between first person and third person. The angle of view put yourself through your actions. When you run around with a bow or magic wand see the world from a first person perspective and when you switch to melee weapons you'll see everything from a third person perspective.
In addition, the game has two different modes - a battle mode and a menu mode. In battle mode, use either magic, bow, melee weapons or resource tool box, as you must switch to menu mode by a right-click if you want to see what you have on you, what you have in the bag, which assignment you have, how strong abilities you have, or all of the many other of the game's menus as you all see in the first person perspective. This makes the game broken up in different worlds, which is not at all easy to get used to with the first.
Next well noticeable item is how the use of powers works. You need to either charge the appropriate ability or proper equipment or weapons through a number key and then perform the requested action with the left mouse button. Should you throw a formula you must, for example, first take the magic wand in his hand, then charging the formula you want to throw and then activate it with the mouse.


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