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Where Will the Darkfall New Players Come From

It has been a long time that I wanna ask this question because I am really curious about what will the new Darkfall players come from. So today I put the question here for discussion. Just for the sake of discussion, we know there will be people who never played Darkfall interested in Unholy Wars.

Every video game will have some brand new players. The same is true for darkfall gold sell. Then what game community do you think Unholy Wars will appeal to most? My personal opinion is Unholy Wars will get a lot of new players from the same crowd that bought TERA- for a couple reasons:

1. Action Combat.
2. Tera had a large PvP focused community, and they were unhappy with the pve gear grinding endgame.
3. They've recently bought and subbed for an MMO- so they are not opposed to the revenue model.

Personally, I think that the key to drawing anyone in is making the game as smooth as possible so new players don't have to deal with clunky mechanics AND learning a completely new style of game. The combination was very frustrating for a lot of people.

This is one the players told me before, "My impression is that right now they are releasing a game with no beta testing, letting the current player base deal with all the problems that go along with being part of a beta, and then maybe AV will roll out some kind of advertising down the line." Then what do you think?

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