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Will Bans Be Lifted in the Darkfall Unholy Wars

We all know that the hacking and banning are always the most normal things in MMO such as Darkfall: Unholy Wars and other online video games. As soon as there are players in the game, there are profits for the hackers. However, the game maker can at least try their best to improve the situation.

As we all know, Darkfall: Unholy Wars is said to be an entirely new game so it would make sense that all bans would be lifted as if you just purchased an entirely new game, will this be the case? Further, will those people darkfall items sale who have been forum banned, but not game banned be allowed a reprieve and be allowed forum access once again?

We can't deny that hackers are a cancer to any game. Any retard can get some and use them; difference is that most of us aren't pathetic enough to stoop. It's a shame that a rather large proportion of the Darkfall population has used some at one point or another.

And for the question the title listed here, personally, I think it depends on what the ban was for. But if they were a hacker they're not going to have changed their ways so it's best not. Hackers are still playing them just buy new accounts. Some are even known to the GM's and AV, but they allow them to still play.

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