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Will DFUW Actually Get Released Today

Well, if you got time to visit the official forums of Darkfall: Unholy Wars today, you will noticed that the whole community is now flooded by players' concerns about the launch of this game. Since nothing detailed has released about the releasing, players are now worrying if the darkfall gold for sale can be released on time.

As for me, I definitely hope it can come out today, and judging from the original launch of DF and late beta, even though it was buggy especially on the EU server, it still was amazingly fun. I would think by now AV has their ducks in a row, or I sincerely hope so.

The problem though is that they have been delaying DF since the inception of DF. From the original game to "major content patches" many people left back in the days because listening to an AV PR stunt for the 100000 time started to delude the senses.

I just hope they realize this soon, and I do understand they want the best product to come out, but when you are a company and you announced a release date, you need to stick by it.

So, tell me what are you thinking about now? Are you also concerning about another delaying of Darkfall: Unholy Wars?

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