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World of Tyria Gets a Heavy Human Population in GW2

If you are playing role playing games often, which kind of characters will you choose usually? It may be easier to answer this question if I ask you which character will you choose to play in the famous MMO Guild Wars 2. So what's your answer, Human? If so, you are not alone, because it seems that the world of Tyria gets a heavy human population now.

As we all know, the famous video game Guildwars 2 News offers players five playable races, but as you may also know, the Human is by far the most popular. One of the game's writers is disappointed that the people of Tyria aren't branching out more.

"GW2 race popularity makes me sad. People avoiding charr & asura are missing the strongest story stuff in our game, IMO." Peter Fries, a writer for Guild Wars 2, wrote this in the official forum of the game. Fries explained that the human population has continued to grow at a greater rate than the others since the graph was created.

According to his post, Fries believes that players who favor the Human race are missing out on some of the strongest stuff in the game. He singled out the Charr and Asura races as ones that he wished players wouldn't avoid. However, I am sure that the other races in the game are also contains so many interesting stories.

In case of you don't know, the five races in Guild Wars 2 are Norn, Charr, Asura, Sylvari, and Human. And currently, the Humans more than double each other race's numbers. Each race has a unique starting area and the character's stories and interactions with NPCs are influenced by their race. So, will you avoid choosing Charr and Asura in the game after knowing this?

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