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World of Warcraft -the online role-playing game will soon be free

Free online role playing games more and more fashionable. Now Blizzard thinks about a new free-to-play business model for World of Warcraft by - but not for the near future.

Free online role playing games such as Runes of Magic enjoying lately more and more popular. This message seems now to have arrived in California and so, Blizzard announced that they have already been thinking about a similar business model. In the near future, one should not expect the free-to-play business model for Word of Warcraft. At the right time but it would be definitely an option.

At some point, "it makes no sense for us, maybe more, to require a subscription fee," Tom Clinton from Blizzard revealed in an interview. "We do not have much time to waste to the idea. In the near future is not the reality."

From autumn this year, the Lord of the Rings Online will be offered free of charge. After Dungeons & Dragons Online for the second game of turbine, which is pursuing the free-to-play business model. Blizzard sees no threat to World of Warcraft.

"I think they do this to compete with other games that have similar numbers of players. I would imagine that one could win some other subscribers for itself when it was playable for free."

"I can definitely imagine the World of WarCraft," he says. "If another game comes and hits us, it makes no sense to us may require more, a subscription fee. Or in even more distant future if we bring another MMO to the start."

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