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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm in Paris

VIDEO GAMES - After the first two expansions of World of Warcraft "fans gathered in Paris to buy the new," Cataclysm "...

Masks, capes, accessories, makeup ... Several thousand fans of the game "World of Warcraft (" WoW ") are presented in their finest pageantry, medieval fantasy held in the image of the game world before Fnac des Champs-Elysees on Monday night. They came to buy the new extension (subsequently, in other words) of the game, collect autographs, and getting caught in photos.

"It's been about a month since this output is prepared," said John Samuel Kriegk, head of the video game division of Fnac. We organize events of this magnitude, with a night out for the video game major, three or four times a year. We do it for network games that have fan communities, and who find themselves in the same spirit. "

Decorations, red carpet entry, space dedication to meet the developers, photo booths and activities for future competitions Facebook ... And outside, a "cosplay" (portmanteau word composed of "costume" and "playing"), that is to say a parade of fans dressed as heroes of "WoW".
MMORPG game massively multiplayer online role

It could be the release of a new Harry Potter book, but the particularity of "WoW" and other "MMORPG (online roleplaying games, called" massively multiplayer "), is to be precisely a network game. Gamers will constitute "guilds" (or play groups) of ten to several hundred individuals, who know that sometimes in the virtual world.

"We did ever seen, and says Gilles, 30, referring to the six players who surround him. In our guild, we are sixty. Everyone could not be there, but the evening was a good idea. This has to be in real life. "

Later in the queue, Alexander, 13 year old says he would never come alone. "But I have a buddy in my guild who wanted to go too, then more is more fun." Lethan, the boyfriend in question, 15 years, agrees.
Crossing Boundaries

Players can also not belong to the same group, and find themselves because of their passion for the game this way Cecile, 27, and her boyfriend Jonathan, 27, came from Belgium to stay with friends of another guild. "We play for three to five years, and we wanted to be there for the exit," they explain. Near them, Jonathan and Francis, both 24, who host them in Paris have the same look forward to the idea of starting a new party ahead.

"I would never come to release a game that is not networked, says Ayoub, 16. Here there is a kind of friendliness that is part of the game and it feels like in reality. "

This mass of gamers followers of "World of Warcraft" has twelve million people, according to Jean-Samuel Kriegk. Twelve million people who will ride out the storm at home in the hours and days ahead to enjoy the "Cataclysm" ...

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