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WoW: Interesting error message in the 'new' Arsenal

Blizzard has even revised recently, the community site and tried to bring all community content under one roof. These include News, Arsenal, forum, etc. And-called Arsenal, there is a nice anecdote that one today - at least not yet - can be observed.

On the new community site of WoW you have right above a search box which allows you to search the forum, and the arsenal and the News in one. This has also been working very well. The character screen from the arsenal is "new" in my opinion to become better and offers a better overall view of the individual heroes. So far, there is a simple and an advanced view - on the 3D view is still under development, it is not currently selected.

Now, however, does the Arsenal "new" does not - you can just type to search a character name, and then gets the list, but if you then a clicking, the error message that the feature is not currently fit for heroes below level 100 is possible .

As we all know that normally applies to characters below level 10 - so I guess it's just a typo on the part of Blizzard that you have a typed 0 too much, but it is to read funny, especially since it is precisely times less than a week ago has given the levels adjustment to 85.

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