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You Can not Share the Same Farm with Other Players in Fallen Earth

Remember that we had talked about the thing that the farming will be upcoming in the famous F2P MMO Fallen Earth? Here we got some more detailed information for you now.

In case of you don't know, late last week, the game maker announced that farming was coming to the post-apocalyptic sandbox Fallen Earth. The initial dev blog gave us some information on how farming will be implemented, but not much more beyond that. We took that as an invitation to pick the dev team's collective brain, and pick we did.

So the answer for the question of "can multiple players utilize the same farm in Fallen Earth" is no. However, the farms have fallen earth powerleveling nice buildings attached to them where players can hang out and wait for their plants; have some friends over, and just chill. We are also looking into adding some convenience features to the larger farms, like mailboxes, possibly vaults, etc.

In fact, it's no secret that player housing is something we want to do really, really badly. These are steps toward being able to do that in terms of programming and art; working on the stability and flexibility of player placed structures is certainly applicable towards housing-type structures. That said, we still have quite a ways to go.

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